• What should other teams be afraid of when playing against your team?

Obviously, our penalty corner of Gonzalo Peillat is one of our most dangerous weapons, but also our «tiki-taka» style of play is one of our main characteristics.

  • What is the routine of your team before stepping into the hockey field?

Always a very short tactical reminder and then the guys love to play a little bit with the football ball before the warmup starts, they have fun together!

  • How does your team like to celebrate victories?

We like to spend some time together, the players vote for the MVP of the game and then the winner has to give a nice speech in front of everyone and offer a toast with a beer!

  • What is the word you use the most when coaching your team?

«Ruhig», which means tranquillity, calm, or patience. Stress is the worse enemy of players!

  • Which is the supporters’ chant that cheers your players the most?

Blau, Weiss, Rot, das sind unsere Farben! or something to motivate Gonzalo Peillat before a PC.

  • We can’t wait to see you in Terrassa! Besides training and competing, what are you especially looking forward to doing during your stay?

Here everyone is really looking forward to enjoying a good hockey event with lots of spectators and under a bright spring sun! we don’t need anything else!

  • Share a message to the rest of the trainers of this EHL. Please be nice.

We are so lucky to have the chance of enjoying a European hockey event together and so privileged to have it in a pure hockey town like Terrassa. Let’s play nice hockey and let the fans enjoy it.