• What should other teams be afraid of when playing against your team?

They should be afraid, because we are a young talented group which always willing to get better from game to game. We really want to enjoy the trip and want be hard to beat.

  • What is the routine of your team before stepping into the hockey field?

We try to get in a good mood before the game and always focus the right way before stepping on the field.

The coaching stuff prepares the team in some meetings perfectly before the game, and the boys try to find the good mix between concentration and fun. For us its always good to keep the fun and spirit as a team up to perform great.

  • What is the word you use the most when coaching your team?

Keep the focus, no pain no gain!

  • Which is the supporters’ chant that cheers your players the most?

Here we go, Post SV!

  • We can’t wait to see you in Terrassa! Besides training and competing, what are you especially looking forward to doing during your stay? 

Swimming, team building, regeneration and enjoying the sun

  • Share a message to the rest of the trainers of this EHL. Please be nice.

Let us enjoy some good games and good hockey!