• What should other teams be afraid of when playing against your team?

The colour of our shirts! Many opponents are put off by them.

  • What is the routine of your team before stepping into the hockey field?

A team huddle with lots of cursing.

  • How does your team like to celebrate victories?

Sliding on one’s knees to the corner flag and injuring oneself.

  • What is the word you use the most when coaching your team?


  • Which is the supporters’ chant that cheers your players the most?

I’ve been a wild Rover for many a year

  • We can’t wait to see you in Terrassa! Besides training and competing, what are you especially looking forward to doing during your stay?

Sunshine, beer a bit of craic

  • Share a message to the rest of the trainers of this EHL. Please be nice.

Sure, it’s only a game!