What should other teams be afraid of when playing against your team?

We have a young team with some experienced players, it’s a good mix. What gives a lot of energy in our game. We win the EHL 2019 in Eindhoven. 

What is the routine of your team before stepping into the hockey field?

It depends on the players. There are players listening to music, chatting with each other or drinking mate, coffee

How does your team like to celebrate victories?

We celebrate the victory by getting all around a table and we highlight the man of the match by voting. We can also vote for something a little funnier that happened during the game.

What is the word you use the most when coaching your team?


Means commitment. 

Which is the supporters chant that cheers your players the most ? 

Aux armes – Aux armes – Nous sommes le Watducks – Nous sommes le Watducks …

We can’t wait to see you in Terrassa! Besides training and competing, what are you especially looking forward to doing during your stay? 

Visit, watch a game at Camp Nou and eat good charcuterie 🔥